Our clear intention is to deliver a curriculum that enables every student to pursue and develop their talents, academic interests and skills.  We want our students to develop a ‘Love of Learning’ through a thematic approach at KS3 which builds towards mastery at KS4 and KS5.  It is our intention to develop enquiring minds that will give our students a wealth of opportunities in their lives.  To ensure this is the case we provide a broad, challenging and relevant curriculum across all subjects to ensure every pupil can aim high and maximise their learning potential.  Each department within the academy has their own aims linked to our overall intention and are committed to enabling the greatest of success for all our students.

We have a strong personal development programme that helps to give our students the ‘Edge’ which helps to develop their personal, social, moral and cultural awareness and builds their independence and sense of responsibility.

Our personalised KS3 curriculum offers all pupils in Year 7 – 9 the opportunity to experience English, Maths, Science, Art, Drama, Dance, Computer Science, at least one Foreign Language, Religious Studies, Music, Technology, Geography, History and Physical Education.  We believe that students need to study a broad range of subjects at this stage so at no point are their opportunities for the future narrowed.

Moving into KS4 allows our students to specialise in subjects in which they have a keen intellectual interest or talent.  Our offer here is broad to ensure that we meet the needs and demands of a rapidly changing world. We ensure a personalised offer via our curriculum pathways that are suited to the needs of all our students.  Some students will be encouraged to follow subject choices that comprise the English baccalaureate suite of subjects and others will have a bespoke tailored curriculum offer that facilitates their learning needs.  Each student will take one of 8 pathways which are suited to their abilities and learning styles.

In addition to the choices made pupils will continue to participate in Physical Education as a vital aspect of health and well-being and follow a carefully planned personal developed programme ‘Edge’.  This programme includes exploring the key dispositions of living and learning in a Christian country and exploring the faiths and beliefs of a wide range of other religions and cultures.

In addition to the breadth and depth of study we have pursued all ways in which we can further develop our students as individuals.  All students will be encouraged to participate in activities within the Curriculum Pledge.  These are a range of activities that develop extra-curricular enrichment opportunities such as visiting museums and taking part in charity events.  Outward bound accreditations such as the Duke of Edinburgh award and participation in Performing Arts events or being part of sports teams which represent the academy.  Students have the opportunity to apply for key roles such as form captains and prefects and develop their skills in a wider life-long context as rounded individuals with a range of interests and achievements.

Many of our students choose to stay with us into Sixth Form to study courses at KS5.  We continue our clear lines of progress with a wide suite of subjects offered at A Level or Level 3 equivalents.

For additional information please refer to the individual Year Group  Please be advised that we are currently updating aspects of these pages and the content may change.  There is also contact information for Directors of Subject.

The Fortis Academy Curriculum is overseen by:

Mrs M Hunt – Assistant Head Teacher – Curriculum
Mrs J Garvey – Deputy Head Teacher – Senior Academy