At Fortis Academy Sixth Form, we believe that every student deserves access to high quality teaching and learning regardless of any barriers that they may face, where every student deserves to be given the tools to promote a love of learning and thirst for knowledge, and ultimately where every student excels.

Our dedicated sixth form team endeavours to support each and every student by offering a tailored sixth form experience that is much more than just working towards, and gaining, qualifications to enable a route into higher education and employment. Post-16 education should venture beyond curriculums outlined by exam boards and seek to incorporate life skills, methods to promote good mental health including the ability to form positive relationships with others and to cope with and manage change and uncertainty. It should also provide the means to see, hear and interact with professional individuals with opportunities to form networks with employers and universities. We are proud to provide an enriching experience here at Fortis Academy Sixth Form, where each student can flourish, thus becoming well-rounded individuals equipped and ready for the next stage of their lives.

All sixth form students will be enrolled onto a study programme which combines qualifications and other activities which are tailored to their prior attainment, interests and career goals. 

Students will have access to a robust ‘futures programme’ commencing in the summer term of year 12 which includes work experience, University visits, a visit to the UCAS Discovery Day and numerous external agencies such as Into University delivering workshops to our students to ensure that they are best able to make decisions about their next steps. 

Intention 1: To ensure that students have access to an aspirational study programme which is both challenging and supportive to encourage academic excellence.

Intention 2: To aid the development of behaviours and habits to prepare post-16 students for Higher Education and the wider world.

Intention 3: To enhance the character and cultural capital of our post-16 students.

What this looks like in our post-16 curriculum offer: