We are proud of the relationships we have with our Fortis Academy Sixth Form students, and the continued dialogue we have to ensure that their experience is positive.

Our student council consists of form representatives across years 12 and 13, and the senior head and deputy head students from year 13. The senior council members are assigned roles including:

  • Edge Officer
  • Community Outreach Officer
  • Student Outreach Officer
  • Social Officer

As successful students who have benefitted from a thriving school community there is ample opportunity to guide, strengthen and enrich the spirit of the school for others. The ethos of Fortis Academy is to be brave, try new things and to develop students who are outstanding leaders who can rise to a challenge in whatever ways a situation demands. Our council members are strong leaders and are comfortable supporting and advising others with the ability to initiate ideas and follow them through to conclusion. These skills are highly transferrable and are much sought after by employers and universities alike.

The student council organise charity and community cohesion events such as the Macmillan coffee morning and cultural immersion days to promote leadership skills and to really emphasise the community nature of the sixth form. They also take a lead in resourcing our PSHCE curriculum and delivering assemblies to their peers and younger year groups.