Fortis Academy have high aspirations for all students identified as having SEND (Special educational needs and disability) in our school. We strive to ensure that all students achieve their best, that they become confident individuals living fulfilling lives, and make a successful transition into adulthood, whether into employment, further or higher education or training.

Fortis Academy aims to help all students realise their potential.  We endeavour to identify the barriers to learning that may result in underachievement and coordinate additional provision where required. It is expected that the needs of the majority of students can be met through a mainstream curriculum with teacher planning taking account of starting points and aiming for all students to make progress.

All students, including those with special educational needs, spend the majority of their time following a mainstream secondary curriculum.  The expectation is that class teachers across each subject area ensure that the programme of study delivered is accessible and to all students.


Access arrangements are the reasonable adjustments made to examinations to enable young people with SEND to access GCSE and GCE qualifications. They are designed to meet the needs of the student without affecting the integrity of the assessment (JCQ 2015).

Young people can qualify for the following arrangements:

  • 25% Extra Time
  • Reader/Computer Reader
  • Scribe
  • Use of Laptop
  • Rest Breaks
  • Prompt

To qualify for access arrangements the young person will need to have an assessment.

Any recommendations arising from this will need to be supported by the Class Teacher, in order to make sure it is the young person's normal way of working.

Our SEND policies are available here

As part of the Birmingham Schools community, Fortis Academy works closely with the City Council. Their local SEND offer is described in detail on their website.

Visit Birmingham’s Local SEND Offer Website

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Further information about our SEND offer will be added to this page soon.


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