Students come to the Academy to work and to be part of our community.

They must look prepared for the day ahead of them by wearing the correct uniform. Being smart reflects pride in themselves and in their Academy. It indicates they are ready to maintain a hardworking mindset. We have high standards of all those associated with the school and, as a member of the school community, families are expected to support the students to meet these expectations.

We ask that families not waste money on items that do not meet the uniform requirements, as students will not be permitted to wear them at school.

We understand that uniform can be expensive, but our uniform has been designed to minimise the number of specialist uniform items required. We are often able to support families with second-hand uniform that has been returned by students who have outgrown it. If you have any uniform that your children outgrow, we would be very glad to receive it at the main office so it can be used where it is needed.

Please note that Foundation Academy (Years 7, 8 and 9) and Senior Academy (years 10 and 11) have different shirts and ties.

In general, students in uniform should have no prominent branding except for the Academy Badge.

Students are expected to dress smartly, with ties neatly knotted, shirts fully buttoned and tucked in, and blazers worn at all times unless given exceptions by school staff.

You can purchase the blazer, tie, skirt and PE kit from the specialist uniform suppliers, whose details are below. Other items such as trousers, shirts and shoes, although available at the suppliers may also be purchased at suitable retailers of your choice.

Blazer: Grey, with Academy Badge. 

Skirt: Grey charcoal, pleated and of knee length. 

Trousers: Grey charcoal, tailored with a waistband and a zip. 
Tight fit, jeans- or leggings- style trousers are not acceptable. 

Shorts: Grey charcoal, tailored and with a waistband and a zip. 
They must be of at least knee length. 

Shirt: Plain button-up shirt, with a collar as worn with a tie. The top button must be fastened. 
Students in Foundation Academy wear pale blue shirts. 
Students in Senior Academy wear a plain white shirt. 

Tie: Academy tie with light blue stripe (Foundation Academy) and red stripe (Senior Academy). The knot of the tie must be worn at the collar of the shirt. 

Cardigan/Jumper: Plain black V-neck, low enough to show the collar and tie, with long sleeves. Jumpers can be worn in addition to Blazers, but not as an alternative. 
‘Hoodies’ or hooded cardigans or lightweight jackets are not acceptable. 

Footwear: Plain black, low heeled footwear. We do not except trainers with air bubbles or any colour on.

Coat: Preferably plain black or dark coloured. 
Coats may be worn in addition to, but not instead of, the blazer. 

Bag: Backpack style is required, suitable for carrying all books and required equipment.  Dark coloured. 

Socks/Tights: Dark coloured and without patterns. Socks or tights should not be knee-length unless worn under trousers. 

Jewellery: One watch, one ring per hand, one stud earring in each ear and one stud nose piercing are permitted. No other visible jewellery is permitted and all jewellery must be removed for PE.

Hair/Makeup: Natural nail varnish, subtle makeup.  Natural hair colours only are permitted. 

PE Kit: Short sleeve PE Top in black/red, embroidered with the Academy logo.  

PE Shorts to match the PE Top.  

Tracksuit jacket in black with red piping, with the Academy logo.  

Tracksuit joggers, to match tracksuit jacket.  

Football socks: Plain Black Socks. 


Skirt, Trousers, Shorts


Our specialist uniform suppliers are: 

Clive Mark 

11-13 Boldmere Road Sutton Coldfield 
B73 5UY 

Tel: 0121 728 4452 

Uniforms Plus 

935 Walsall Road 
B42 1TN 

Tel: 0121 357 8285