Core Values

Character, Resilience and Aspiration.

Our curriculum provides students with the knowledge, skills, and experiences to develop their character and resilience. Our curriculum enables our students to realise their varied and ambitious aspirations.

Our curriculum ensures that we are ‘Enriching Lives’ for all our students throughout their journey from Year 7, to adults who contribute positively within our rich and diverse society.

Our curriculum is planned with the intention of enabling the best outcomes for all students no matter their starting points or barriers to learning. We pride ourselves on our broad, balanced, inclusive, and representative curriculum.

Our curriculum vision is modelled in the Science Curriculum where we believe in an inclusive education for all.

Our curriculum intent is:  To enrich the lives of our young people by equipping them with knowledge and skills which will help them regardless of the pathway that their life follows in the future. In this everchanging world young people are exposed to messages in the media with scientific (and pseudo-scientific) headlines and debates about scientific policy. It is therefore our responsibility to ensure that our curriculum can support the building of character and resilience, so that our young people can engage in these discussions from a position of knowledge and be able to make informed decisions and contribute to all aspects of our society. We support or young people to realise their ambitious aspirations by:

  • Coherently plan, sequence and adapt our curriculum to meet the unique needs of all of our learners.
  • Offer breadth of study at KS3 that is sequential in leading to study at GCSE level; all students will be stretched and challenged over 5 years, taking into account different starting points.
  • By drawing on other subjects in school such as English, Maths and Geography students can develop effective literacy and numeracy skills through digital technology. This creates learners who are confident and competent readers, writers and speakers, with essential analytical skills needed for life. 
  • Embed a range of wider enrichment opportunities and experiences, at least one per year, to ensure our learners have an educational experience that is rich and varied.
  • Encompass the whole school core values to maximise the impact of the curriculum.


As a result the Science curriculum will: 

  • Inspire learners to become confident, resilient scientists who develop a love of learning science.
  • Provide a stimulating environment that integrates discovery and exploration into learning and which takes into account individual needs, strengths and starting points.
  • Develop successful learners who are able to apply scientific knowledge and understanding correctly to both familiar and unfamiliar contexts in the world.
  • Enable learners to understand how science fits into society and thereby encourage them to make a positive contribution to their local and wider community.
  • Enable learners to use a range of mathematical skills that can be applied to the world in which they live.
  • Develop digital skills to remove all barriers to learning that enable learners to critically evaluate and refine methodologies and judge the validity of scientific conclusions that are presented to them in the media.
  • Enable learners to critically analyse qualitative and quantitative data to draw their own logical, well-evidenced conclusions.
  • To enable learners to use their knowledge and understanding of science to further their science education beyond Kidsgrove Secondary School and/or to further their career.
  • Ensure students are challenged and stretched by developing their leadership, organisation, resilience, initiative and communication skills in order to provide foundations for every aspect of school life.