Core Values

Character, Resilience and Aspiration.

Our curriculum provides students with the knowledge, skills, and experiences to develop their character and resilience. Our curriculum enables our students to realise their varied and ambitious aspirations.

Our curriculum ensures that we are ‘Enriching Lives’ for all our students throughout their journey from Year 7, to adults who contribute positively within our rich and diverse society.

Our curriculum is planned with the intention of enabling the best outcomes for all students no matter their starting points or barriers to learning. We pride ourselves on our broad, balanced, inclusive, and representative curriculum.

Our curriculum vision is modelled in the Calculations Faculty where we believe in an inclusive education for all.

Our curriculum intent is:  

  • Coherently plan, sequence and adapt our curriculum to meet the unique needs of all of our learners. Our curriculum will encourage our students to challenge the Classical hypotheses of rationality and perfect markets, and to consider the role of the institutions which seek to correct market failures.
  • Offer breadth of study at Key Stage 5
  • In a world of big data, the economics curriculum intent is for students to understand, interpret and extrapolate the wisdom that lies hidden within such data. Our curriculum will champion the use of econometrics for modelling economic outcomes. These skills alongside the ones already gained in English, Geography potentially and Mathematics at Key Stage 4 will ensure that students can transfer their knowledge and apply their learning to a wide range of contexts. 
  • Embed a range of wider enrichment opportunities and experiences, at least one per year, to ensure our learners have an educational experience that is rich and varied.
  • Encompass the whole school core values to maximise the impact of the curriculum.


As a result the Economics curriculum will: 

  • Enable students to discover and develop other skills such as research skills, writing skills, collaboration and problem-solving skills whilst building self-confidence to support them in all aspects of life.
  • Promote academic excellence, and for students to be their personal best. As a result, character development, and a cognisance of human behaviour in the world in which we live. Our aspiration is that this particular blend of skills will enable our students not only to further their study of economics, but also, and, perhaps more importantly, to do the right thing beyond their time at Fortis Academy as they enter the next stage of their lives. 
  • Encourage students to be ethically aware as they learn the principles and moral or ethical problems which can afflict households, firms, and/or governments, and consider their place in tackling some of the challenges that face humanity and with recent Cost of Living crisis this is ever more pertinent.