Pastoral Care and Progress Header

For pupils in Foundation Academy (Years 7, 8 and 9) and Senior Academy (Years 10 and 11), academic progress and pastoral welfare are overseen through the year group structure.  Each year group has a Director of Year, Head of Year and a Pastoral Manager.

For pupils in Sixth Form, academic progress and pastoral welfare are overseen by the Director of Sixth Form and Heads of Year.

The role of the Director of Year is to monitor academic data across the year group, to identify under-performance and co-ordinate intervention strategies to enable students to get back on track. The Director of Year has the strategic overview of students in their year group and works closely with the Directors of Subjects, inclusion support teams (Attendance, SEN and EAL), students and parents to identify and remove barriers to progress and enable each child to achieve or exceed their potential.

The role of the Head of Year is to ensure there is a high standard of behaviour and punctuality and to oversee the student leadership team for their year group. Behaviour and punctuality is monitored, students who meet and exceed expectations will be regularly rewarded and the Head of Year will put appropriate support and intervention in place for those who find it difficult to maintain these high standards. Along with the Director of Year, the Head of Year promotes the key core values of the relevant Academy and rewards students for their hard work and individual achievement both within in the classroom and the wider Academy community. They will also celebrate success at every available opportunity.

It is the role of the Pastoral Manager, who is a non-teaching member of staff, to work closely with students and families to remove barriers in order to ensure high attendance within their year groups. Where barriers are identified the Pastoral Manger will work with the student and their family to put appropriate support and intervention in place. Pastoral Managers also ensure there is a strong Anti-Bullying Programme in place across the year group and support the Head of Year to ensure high levels of behaviour and punctuality are maintained.

Year group teams, the senior leadership team (SLT), curriculum leaders, teachers or the behaviour support teams will respond to individual incidents of poor behaviour, and particularly patterns of poor behaviour, by issuing sanctions, providing reflective space for students to consider their actions and work with both parents and pupils to support improvement.

The year group teams work collectively to promote a positive ethos and culture, celebrate success and to ensure students within their year group become excellent citizens. They also support pupils when they have difficulties in their relationships with friends and if they are concerned about their safety and welfare within or outside school.  The year teams are supported in dealing with more serious safeguarding and child-protection matters by the Academy’s safeguarding lead, Mrs Finlay and her experienced safeguarding team.

Foundation and Senior Academy year teams are supported on a daily basis by the Academy Secretaries who provide dedicated administrative support and will often be the first point of contact for parents.  They ensure that registers are accurate and up to date, that there is prompt identification of children who are absent without authorization, and manage the calls from parents and carers about attendance matters.

Year 7:

Director of Year: –

Head of Year: Mrs Morgan

Pastoral Manager: Ms Jones

Year 8:

Director of Year: Mrs Astle

Head of Year: Miss Whitehouse

Pastoral Manager: Mr Thewlis

Year 9:

Director of Year: Miss Raza

Head of Year: Mr Hextell

Pastoral Manager: Miss Loftman

Year 10:

Director of Year: Mrs Williams

Head of Year: Miss Tucker

Pastoral Manager: Mr Johns

Year 11:

Director of Year: Mrs Shingles

Head of Year: Miss Fowkes

Pastoral Manager: Mr Curtis

Sixth Form:

Director of Sixth Form: Miss Winwood

Head of Year 12: Mr Walker

Head of Year 13: Mr Price

All students will receive a progress report three times a year. Dates are published for each year group on our overview calendar. At Fortis Academy each student has a target grade in each subject that they work towards. To help you understand the academic progress at Foundation Academy we use a ‘tracks model’ which shows how well they are progressing towards their end of Key Stage 4 target grade. At Senior Academy targets are tracked against Working at Grades (WAG) and Predicated Grades (Pred).