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Why “Fortis”?

Many people are curious as to why we are called Fortis academy. Here is why.

In the 5th Century BC, just before a famous battle during the Peloponnesian Wars, Thucydides, an Athenian general (and historian), called upon his soldiers to remember heroes from the past and proclaimed:

“make them examples, and,
esteeming courage to be freedom and freedom to be happiness,
do not weigh too nicely the perils of war.”

His meaning was clear: the soldiers’ future happiness depended on their freedom, and that freedom on their courage.

Echoing through the ages for more than 2000 years, these words have taken on new meanings and arrangements and have become popular with philosophers, theorists, truth seekers, academics, dreamers and realists alike – who were all exploring the secrets to a happier life.

This same thinking is also very much found in self-improvement books today. Indeed, any search on the internet is likely to return a swathe of posters with this theme. In its most common, and perhaps most appealing form, Thucydides’ quote is now written as:

“The secret to happiness is freedom…And the secret to freedom… courage”.

Successful people will testify to this quote’s sense of truth, even when hearing it for the first time. A study of ‘the great and the good’ in biographies and autobiographies or an analysis of tales in myth and fiction – even every Disney film – all seem to declare that courage and bravery sets you free.

Those who are brave enough to do the right thing, brave enough to stand for what is right, brave enough to be themselves; to not follow the pack and strike their own path, brave enough to pick themselves up after mishap or misfortune, brave enough to admit when they are wrong, brave enough to be gentle and kind when it is easier to laugh and hate, and brave enough to accept help – are the people who tend to succeed in life.

People with this mindset it is argued, discover a sense of freedom in themselves that often inspires them to then help, guide and lead others. People who are courageous find that people want to stand by their side. It can be said that courage underpins good leadership and positive change, in all its forms.

Our curriculum at Fortis brings these concepts together into an overarching message of hope for our students at a time when society is undergoing much change. It provides us all with an opportunity to inspire our young people to face the future with hope and with confidence.

Every day they step through our school doors, they will be taught, supported and surrounded by adults that have bought into the very idea of naming our school “Fortis” – a school name that every day will summon them to push themselves, to be resilient and to overcome the challenges life throws at you and to be free.

There will be no other school like Fortis Academy. Every day, we will tell our students one simple message:

“Fortis favours the brave”