Our Academy Vision

“Imagine an academy where at the entrance students are greeted by a caring, professional, energetic community of people who are committed to promoting the love of learning.

Everyone is always instantly amazed at the high standard of displays, projects and exhibits.

Children of all ages make connections with one another through discussion, problem solving and team-building.

The constant use of technology for administration, leisure, teaching and learning helps to shape the future and examine the past.

Move through the main walk ways filled with professional services: library, careers, centres of excellence for learning.

Then discover the corridors that lead to national & international neighbourhoods where visits are reciprocal.

Finally appreciate the scientific, mathematical, performing arts, languages, human, spiritual and social means used by professionals as a way to nurture mind, body and spirit.

Sense the commitment, dynamism and excitement of this place.

We are Fortis Academy”.

Core purpose

To ignite in all people the passion for learning.

Core Values:

  • Striving for excellence in academic achievement.
  • Inclusive, continuous commitment to improvement.
  • Empowering all to apply their skills and knowledge.
  • Integrity and respect at the forefront of all that we do.

Moral Purpose:

  • A passion for virtuous behaviour
  • Highly effective leadership & management sharp focus on student progress & achievement
  • Celebrate when we do well!

Vivid Description:

Our reason for being is to set minds on fire, to make every student achieve their personal best in a world of competition and challenge. Our students will leave us with the best qualifications that they can achieve.  Their aspirations will be met and they will in turn foster in others a love of learning.

Our Classroom Code for Learning:

  • Arrive sensibly, on time and with our equipment.
  • Try our best.
  • Allow others to learn.
  • Ask permission to leave our seat.
  • Listen to our teacher.
  • Follow instructions.
  • Ask by raising our hand.
  • Respect our classrooms.
  • Respect each other.

We expect everyone to be: