Welcome to Fortis Foundation Academy

Our Academy Vision is “Enriching Lives”, this is underpinned by 4 core principles: Engage, Enquire, Explore and Excel.  We believe that students’ lives will be enriched, and be better, in every way because they came to Fortis Academy.  The unique structure of our campus means that effectively students attend 2 academies, Foundation Academy where they develop character, resilience and aspiration and then move onto the Senior Academy where the impact of the work done in Foundation Academy comes to fruition as they strive for excellence in their outcomes giving themselves the chances they deserve for the future.  We want our staff and students to be highly successful and proud of our academy and the key driver for this ambition is our curriculum.




We want your child to be successful in whatever they choose to do. In order for them to reach their full potential, and linked directly with achieving well academically, we want students to develop three core values as part of their educational journey – Character, Resilience, Aspiration.

Fortis Learning Journey

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Developing young people through character helps them to develop positive personal traits. Character is key in developing the whole child and the virtues that lead to a pupil becoming successful. Character will be taught through the curriculum and all pupils will have access to opportunities that help to develop their character through activities such as representing the school during a performing arts project, playing in the school netball or football team, taking part in Duke of Edinburgh award or working in the local community to make a positive contribution.


Developing resilience within our pupils will form our second core value. We want our pupils to be able to adapt and cope with the problems and barriers that life can present.

We will do this by ensuring our pupils have regular exposure to exploring four key themes.

  • Awareness
  • Thinking
  • Relationships
  • Health

Resilience will also apply to how pupils approach their learning, being unafraid of making mistakes and having the courage and determination to apply themselves again and again in order to succeed.


We will support the pupils to develop high aspirations.

We will be relentless in ensuring pupils understand that everyone has strengths and can make a positive contribution. When this mind-set is combined with high aspirations all our pupils will be successful.

We want to instil a lifelong love of learning for all pupils within Foundation Academy. Through embedding and applying the three core values across Foundation Academy pupils will be enabled and ready for their next stage of learning.

We are very proud of our ambitious curriculum at Fortis Academy. We believe that it has the power to enable all our young people to fulfil their potential and excel in all that they do. It is our intention that through our curriculum we encourage learners who enjoy learning, understand how to learn and strive towards excellence. We believe that through our curriculum our learners become confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives, contributing positively to society with a global awareness. We believe that our curriculum helps our learners develop strong and secure relationships. We believe that enriching lives is our moral imperative, our students deserve no less.

As part of our vision to bring awe and wonder to your classrooms and further fun and enjoyment at home when you are learning, we are committed to ensuring that every student in year 7 has access to an iPad for their use.

We look forward to welcoming you to Fortis Academy.