Statutory Religious Studies

At Fortis Academy we follow the Birmingham Agreed syllabus and support the character-driven approach to encourage the development of the 24 dispositions, or values. They are equally applicable to, and inclusive of, the religious, those who have an established non-religious world view and those classing themselves as ‘nones’. The dispositions both define and promote a flourishing personal, spiritual and moral character. The dispositions encourage pupils to think about, and act upon, a growing understanding of their own faith or viewpoint, whilst acknowledging their neighbour’s perspective whilst building resilience. Lessons focus on discussion and guidance to assist the formation of character-based judgements through the acquisition of knowledge and links to careers to support aspirations for the future. The 24 Key dispositions are:


Pupils will develop these aspects throughout their time across all key stages. We take pride in our equality experts who meet regularly to explore and educate others on a range of current issues including relationships, festivals, worship and organise charitable events. We also offer a variety of enrichment experiences where we visit places of worship, speak with religious leaders, and other places of interest such as the imperial war museum and we explore resilience through history. As part of pupils statutory entitlement to Religious Studies we have woven the dispositions into the EDGE & Enrichment programme in Senior academy to support pupils aspirations.

Further information about the Birmingham Agreed Syllabus can be found here: Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education | Birmingham City Council

N.B. Parents do have the right to withdraw their child from Religious Studies in accordance with Schedule 19 to the School Standards and Framework Act 1998. All requests must be made in writing to the headteacher and a meeting with be required.