Students in Senior Academy are expected to spend their lesson time consolidating their character and resilience, and bringing their aspirations into reality.

The focus of assessment in Senior Academy is often closely related to performance in the exams at the end of year 11, but we never lose sight that the purpose of education is to enrich lives. Assessment in each subject is designed to support students in learning the skills and knowledge they will need to be successful in their exams, in further study, but most importantly in becoming resilient, reflective and constructive members of society. 
Families receive live updates on our online platform GO 4 Schools, along with more traditional reports throughout the year. In Senior Academy, students and parents are told what a similar student might be expected to achieve at the end of year 11. Our targets are based on a very large national database which gives an estimate for how a student might progress between year 7 and the end of their school career, but targets may be raised for students showing strong aptitude. 
Reports to families will include target grades in addition to a projection of what the student is likely to achieve based on assessments. 
Our assessment regime is built on the Embedding Formative Assessment programme to provide useful, effective assessment for students throughout their school career. This will take many forms, including verbal and written classwork and traditional written or performance ‘tests’. Mock exams will provide students opportunities to prepare for external exams. 
More information on our assessment strategies will be published soon.