At Fortis Academy we are keen to reward our students when they have achieved well and made positive contributions both in the classroom and around school.

Students will receive a variety of immediate rewards from the classroom teacher.  These include:

  • First to lesson reward
  • Name on the recognition board
  • Post-it note on their desk
  • Star of the lesson award
  • Praise postcard home
  • Phone call/text message home

The Academy also uses a positive points system. Students will be awarded positive points throughout the year for a variety of reasons. These points can be awarded for positive behaviours seen within lessons, around school, at extra-curricular events and in the community.  The positive points will add up throughout the year and at the end of the year students may have an opportunity to go on a trip or visit.

In addition to our immediate lesson rewards and positive points system departments also have a variety of vouchers to give out to students throughout the year.  On a Friday a number of staff will make a ‘Feel Good Friday’ phone call home to express the efforts and positives about a student/s that have really impressed them that week.

During the school year, students will also be rewarded in assemblies by their Year Group Teams.  Students can be rewarded for high/improving attendance, excellent behaviour, punctuality and effort, for being kind, helpful, determined to succeed and for being a star of the form.  They will also get recognition for their mini school contribution and have the opportunity to be awarded departmental colours.

We also hold an End of Year Rewards Evening at which students are rewarded for showing consistently high standards across the year within a specific subject/year group/mini school.