March 2022 newsletter

Welcome to our March 2022 newsletter!

Spring is a time of new beginnings and of looking forward to the exciting year ahead. We already have plenty to celebrate as we got off to a roaring start to the year.

In this edition, we are proud to present some very special events.

At last, we can share our part in the BBC’s centenary, exciting sporting events and a special feature on the Shakespeare Schools Festival..

We could not be more proud of our students and the families and teachers who support them.

But we must also give our appreciation to our students who mentor and guide each other. Our sixth-formers have been mentoring younger students in class, and we feature two interviews with them.

Among all our diverse activities, we are also taking time to celebrate the diversity of the people in our community. This February, we celebrated LGBT History Month in lessons and tutorial time. Our Equality Experts group had their first meeting and we are already seeing changes in how we show respect for, and celebrate, our differences.

Sadly, the invasion of Ukraine by Russia has worried us all. At such a time, we remember the values we hold as part of a British school. We hope to educate our young people how to think critically about the information they receive. By giving them the tools and guidance, we hope they will make ethical choices as they grow into adulthood. We have a section in this newsletter about how we are supporting our students at this difficult time for the world.

We hope you enjoy this edition of the newsletter and that you share it far and wide.