Welcome to the Imagination Faculty

Vision: Enriching Lives

Through the Imagination faculty we aim to provide practical opportunities for students to be creative and express themselves in a way that allows them to grow as an individual. Enriching lives is at the forefront of our faculty and is underpinned by the ability to offer an extensive extra-curricular timetable which in turn helps build pupils confidence and skills sets to become lifelong learners within each subject. We encourage pupils to express themselves in a way that allows them to feel safe and comfortable creating a foundation for life.


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Art is a subject that allows all students to gain an opportunity to explore a range of styles and artwork from the beginning of time to the present day. Although it involves plenty of theory and history, it is essentially a practical subject which gives children a chance to develop their own creativity and gain knowledge of different artists. The subject allows students to experiment with various art materials and techniques whilst focusing on a number of different themes.

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KS3 Art

Curriculum Overview-Art KS3

KS4 Art

Curriculum Overview KS4 Art 2022 23

KS5 Art

Curriculum Overview KS5 Art Feb 2022


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Dance is taught through the PE curriculum at KS3 where the students develop creativity, collaboration and resilience, this is continued by students who opt for Dance at KS4. The students study the BTEC Tech Award and through this course they develop their practical dance skills whilst building their soft skills to make them successful in their future wherever this takes them.

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KS3 Dance

Curriculum Overview – KS3 DANCE

KS4 Dance

Curriculum Overview – KS4 – BTEC DANCE


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Drama is taught once a week in years 7 – 9 and is a popular choice for GCSE and A Level. Through dramatic exploration students can develop their relationships with others, delving into imagined worlds which allow them to build connections in the real world. Drama promotes creative and collaborative thinking and action.

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KS3 Drama

Curriculum Overview – KS3 Drama

KS4 Drama

Curriculum Overview – KS4 Drama

KS5 Drama

Curriculum Overview – KS5 Drama


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Music is delivered to the students for an hour a week at KS3 where they explore a variety of different skills and develop their character, resilience, and aspirations. Students who continue music at KS4 study the BTEC First award which allows their skills to flourish within a particular area of music in which they are interested, this could be performing or using music technology.

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KS3 Music

Curriculum Overview – KS3 Music

KS4 Music

Curriculum Overview – KS4 – Music

Physical Education

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Physical Education (PE) is taught twice a week in years 7-9 and once a week in year 10 and 11. Many students choose to study GCSE PE and continue further to study Sport in the 6th form. Students learn through physical literacy and embrace the three main strands to learn in PE which is through your Head, Heart and Hands. Students are encouraged to develop skills in a variety of activities and build upon their character and resilience.

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KS3 Physical Education

Curriculum Overview – KS3 – Yr7-9 Core PE

KS4 Physical Education

Curriculum Overview – KS4 – PE GCSE

KS5 Physical Education

Curriculum Overview – KS5 – BTEC SPORT


Head of Faculty: Miss C Hayes: c.hayes@fortis.shaw-education.org.uk

Responsible for Physical Education


2nd in Faculty: Miss A Morrall: a.morrall@fortis.shaw-education.org.uk

Responsible for Art


Teaching and Learning Lead: Miss E Miles: e.miles@fortis.shaw-education.org.uk

Responsible for Dance, Drama and Music