Curriculum Statement

Our curriculum provides students with the knowledge, skills, and experiences to develop their character and resilience. Our curriculum enables our students to realise their varied and ambitious aspirations.

Our curriculum ensures that we are ‘Enriching Lives’ for all our students throughout their journey from Year 7 to adults who contribute positively within our rich and diverse society.

Our curriculum is planned with the intention of enabling the best outcomes for all students no matter their starting points or barriers to learning. We pride ourselves on our broad, balanced, inclusive, and representative curriculum.

Each subject area has a pictorial learning journey. These reflect areas of engagement, enquiry and exploration across years 7, 8and 9 in Foundation Academy, Years 10 and 11 in Senior Academy and within our thriving Sixth Form. These are intentionally bespoke to each subject area to emulate the creative and innovative approach to learning within that faculty and or subject.

Please explore our curriculum overviews which outline the planned opportunities for developing a wide range of skills and knowledge. All subjects embed links to career aspirations and cross curricular opportunities. These can be found within the Foundation, Senior and Sixth Form areas of the website. Students may also engage with different learning activities not stated on the overviews as staff respond and plan for enriching experiences throughout every stage of the learning journey which are appropriate to the individuals or group with whom they are working.

If you would like further information on our curriculum, please contact:

Mrs M Hunt

Assistant Head Teacher – Curriculum

Curriculum Learning Experience

At Fortis Academy we are proud of our curriculum and the learning experience our students will embark on in year 7. During their five years with us they will engage, explore and enquire within every subject area. Leading them to a love of learning and aspirations to join our thriving sixth form.

We pride ourselves on our diverse and inclusive curriculum and our learning experience below give a sense of our shared vision to Enrich our students lives but also exemplify the way in which each subject within our faculties is unique. Every subject has chosen to present their curriculum in a way which communicates the individuality and creativity of that subject area. Some subjects are only taught at GCSE/Level 2 or A Level/Level 3, whereas others depict the learning experience for students from year 7 – 13.