“Enriching Lives”

At Fortis Academy, we believe that in our world origins and circumstances should be no obstacle to opportunities.

At our school, a child can change their family’s destiny by being the first to attend a university or having a life-changing career.

At our school, an already high-attaining child will marvel and how much more they are able to achieve and the career prospects that await them.

At our school, a child can turn away from disaffection and defiance, towards dedication and determination.

At our school, a child can arrive from a country far away, not yet speaking our language, and leave with the confidence to thrive.

We exist to make these differences to young lives that need us, even if they don’t know it yet.

When our children show us ignorance, we will patiently shine a light on truth.

When our children make mistakes, we will show them forgiveness, but then we will demand that they do better next time.

And when they do good, we will celebrate this and encourage them to become excellent. We believe that there is nothing more heart-breaking than wasted potential.

Our school will be a place of inspiration and sanctuary to all who need it, and we will not love children into material poverty or the poverty of low aspirations.

Instead, we will ask them to rise to meet challenges with courage – and there is no greater courage than to do what is right and to be kind.

Fortis Academy is a confident, successful, aspirational school, connected to its community and immensely proud of its students and their diversity.

As a result, our students leave as happy, well-rounded young adults with purpose and drive, resilient to life’s challenges, open-minded and knowledgeable about the world around them.

At Fortis Academy, our values are in our name.