Mission Statement

At Fortis Academy, we will provide a first-class education for all our young people where high quality teaching and ambitious pastoral care will be underpinned by a challenging, knowledge-based and culturally rich curriculum. All our young people’s talents and ambitions will be nurtured and grown. No child will be left behind.

How will this be achieved

  • Provide all students with equal opportunities and inspiring experiences that broaden horizons, foster courage and develop character
  • Deliver consistent, high-quality lessons, developing a unique Fortis Way of Teaching, where students engage as highly as teachers
  • Develop an ambitious culture of staff professional development, research and practice which leads to the highest academic standards for students
  • Work closely with a growing range of companies and educational partners to illuminate the world of work and careers for our students
  • Connect with the local community and establish Fortis as a centre of education, leisure and health for all.