Academy Governors – 2021/2022

Shaw Education Trust, in line with its governance regulations, has put in place an Interim Executive Board (IEB).  An IEB is a focused group of professionals, all with significant educational expertise appointed on a short-term basis, usually for 12 months.  The IEB replaces the existing governance board.  The IEB’s main functions are to secure a rigorous and robust approach to rapidly improving educational outcomes, including achievement, for all pupils.

At present the IEB consists of the following people:

  • Mr Philip Harrison – Regional Director (South Region) SET, Chair of the IEB
  • Mrs Kerry Inscker – Director of People and Culture, Vice Chair
  • Mrs Helen Turner – Chief Operating & Finance Officer, SET, Operations link board member
  • Mrs Julie Yarwood – Regional Director (North Region) SET, School standards link board member
  • Mr Simon Mosley – Deputy Regional Director (South) SET, Curriculum and Quality of Teaching board member
  • Mrs Sarah Harris – Parent Academy Councillor
  • Mr Ashley Bertie – Community Link Councillor

The IEB is attended by:

  • Mr Albero Ortero -Fortis Academy Campus Principal

The IEB is in the process of amalgamating with the existing Academy Council.

There are two IEB committees, Resources and Standards.

You can view the Shaw Education Trust Scheme of Delegation by clicking here

For information on the date and time of the next meeting, and the protocol for attending these meetings, please contact us by Email:

For details of attendance at recent IEB meetings, please click the link below to download a copy.
IEB Attendance – 2020

For full details of our current and previous Academy Councils, committees and member’s term of office dates, please click on the link to download a copy.
Academy Council Member Information (2021-22)