End of Year Newsletter

Welcome to our 2021-22 End of Year Newsletter!

As the sun sets on another academic year (and what a very hot sun it has been recently!) we look back on a year of Enriching Lives at Fortis Academy.

This last letter of the year shares a few of the exciting things which have been happening as the summer term closes, and also looks forward to the exciting adventures in September. Read on for reviews of our school production, our enrichment visits and activities, our work with our Commonwealth Games partners, our work experience programme, and a visit to the Houses of Parliament to lobby for action on supporting students. We also have a deeply personal and moving commentary from one of our Equality Experts about how Fortis cherishes and nurtures our diverse community.

As we say farewell to our year 13 students, and to those year 11 who are going on to further education elsewhere, we are full of pride in what they have achieved and sadness to see them go. We hope you’ll come back and visit from time to time.

The vast majority of us are going to still be here as the sun rises on a new academic year in September, and we are especially pleased to welcome all of our new students in year 7 and a record number of applicants into the Sixth Form. Thank you for choosing Fortis – we know you made the right choice!

To all who read this newsletter, we hope you enjoy it. Please share it far and wide.

We wish you all a very pleasant holiday.