Fortis Academy uses a biometric cashless catering system for pupils and staff to purchase food. Students place their fingertip on a scanner to access their account and make a payment for their food. We also have a secure on-line payment system where your child’s Cashless Catering account will be available to accept payments. The account can be topped up using a debit or credit card and the balance and items consumed viewed at any time. We would like parents to use the online payment system as this is quicker and more secure and convenient for your child and ensures that the money reaches School and will not be lost or spent at the shops on the way to school. Any amount can be paid on to an account (minimum of £10 must be added online) and on line payments for trips will be available in the future.

All free school meal entitlements are entered on to the system and the free meal amount is automatically added to each eligible pupil. Pupils eligible for free school meals can of course add extra money in the same way as other children to spend in addition to their free school meal allowance. Free School Meal entitlement is also checked online. Please click HERE  for more information and how to apply. You will get confirmation immediately if you are entitled to Free School Meals and Fortis Academy will be informed.

More information regarding your online payment log in details or Free School Meal applications can be obtained by contacting the Finance Department on 0121 366 6611 and selecting Option 3 or by emailing