Attendance at Fortis Academy is a key priority. As a school community we know how important attendance is and the impact that attendance has not only on academic progress and achievement but also on various aspects of a young person’s social development, social interactions and emotional well-being. At Fortis Academy we strive to create a culture of support when it comes to working with families with regards to attendance.

The Pastoral system in place at the Academy ensures that each student sees their Edge Tutor daily and this ensures that there is immediate support in place if students have any concerns with their attendance. Every Tuesday we run an Edge session called ‘Tracker Tuesday’. This session will look at varying aspects of attendance such as barriers to attendance, the importance of attendance, useful resources to help improve attendance and every student will also discuss their attendance percentage with their Edge Tutor. In addition to their Edge Tutor every year group has a Pastoral Manager who oversees attendance for their year team. This member of staff regularly liaises with our attendance team and families when attendance becomes a barrier to a student making progress to ensure that all necessary and appropriate support is in place.

Starting in September 2020 we created a new area in the Academy called the Attendance Hub. The Attendance Hub is an excellent facility which provides a nurturing, calm environment for students to work within. Students use the hub for varying reasons when attendance has become a barrier to learning and will utilise the hub as a stepping stone back into mainstream lessons.

We know that attendance during the COVID pandemic has been particularly hard for some families and to support with this and any worries/anxieties families may have there are some excellent resources that have been produced as part of the #youvebeenmissed initiative. Please follow the link below to access these resources:

For more information on attendance procedures please see the policies section of our website to find the Attendance and Punctuality Policy.

Attendance Team

Miss Painter – Assistant Headteacher-Attendance, Primary Liaison and Transition
Mrs Mallett – Attendance Co-ordinator
Mrs Barker – Attendance Administrator